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Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter 4.0

Helps you save the audio stream from any YouTube video as an audio file
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As the program's name implies, Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter can download videos from YouTube and extract their audio streams, saving them as MP3 files on your disk. The program, however, can also save the audio files in several lossless formats like WAV, AAC, Ogg, FLAC and M4A, and it can even keep the downloaded videos as MKV files.

The program's user interface is quite simple and even a bit dull, I would say. It allows you to drag or paste a YouTube video's URL, which is automatically added for download. You can paste several video URLs to create a download list, however, if you are using the free edition of the program, it will just download one video at a time. Moreover, the program also supports downloading entire playlists or channels from YouTube, which is as easy as downloading a single video.

Each video you add for download is listed with its title, downloading format and a thumbnail. In this list you can change the downloading format (128Kbps MP3 by default) and this is the option you need to use if you want to keep the video in MKV format rather than just the audio. However, if you want to save the audio stream in a lossless format such as WAV or FLAC, you will need to use the controls located at the bottom side of the program's main window. This causes the program to be a bit hard to use and understand, at least until you get used to it. Finally, I have to mention that the free edition of this tool displays a big advertising banner in its main window, although this banner doesn't affect the program's performance or operation at all.

In conclusion, if you just want to eventually save the audio stream of a YouTube video as a MP3 file without much complication, Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter might be the perfect tool for you. However, if you require to use its more advanced functions, it might take a while to you to get used to its unusual design and usage. Although this is a free tool you can use indefinitely, you can also buy a premium membership for just $9.95 (for a 6 months one), which enables you to batch-download YouTube videos and get rid of the advertising banner.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports several lossless audio formats for the saved files
  • Allows you to keep the downloaded videos in MKV format
  • Allows you to select the download format of each video individually
  • You can buy a premium membership


  • A bit hard to use and understand at first
  • Dull interface
  • Displays a big advertising banner
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